Back On Track

Hey, what's up guys? I am awake, alert, alive and enthusiasticlol. And I am happy to be back! That is because I have so many stories to share to you. Just like my experience in online slots and my most recent experience that I personally call “emotional riot”. But I will discuss that in a totally different post. For now let me introduce to you this thing called slot machine.

Slot machines are very popular. If you have been to some casinos, you can see these slot machines in being played by lively players. Casinos are everywhere, same with these slot machines. In every casino around the globe, there are always 3 or more slot machines.

This slot machine, or sometimes called as free online slots are very popular. First of all, it is very easy to play. Anyone can play, whether you are an amateurs or a newbie. These machines do not require you to have special skills or techniques to be able to win. Compared to card games such as Poker and Black Jack

Also, there are wide varieties of games that you can choose from. The more choices, the more fun, and the more chances of great winnings for the players. And most importantly, you can start playing with a small amount of money.

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I am sorry everyone, but this blog seems to be sleeping for a long time. It will be awake, maybe next days, weeks or maybe months. For now, it will take some rest and sleep. But check on it once in a while, it might be awake.

So, for now..please, DND!

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I'm a WAHM!

The idea of being a real Filipina Freelancer sink in just recently. Yep, I am now a certified Work at Home Mom! At first, I was not feeling good about it. Or maybe it was just the side effect of a very sad experience one month ago - that is losing a job in an instant! cry

I am starting to realize that staying at home is actually the best decision that I have made. Now I am working at home, lesser stress, I am more relaxed, and the kids see me everyday. And that's great! I get to watch over them, while working. Now all I have to do is to feel more comfortable while working. To do that, I have to have a nice desk that will not eat up our small room's space, an ergonomic chair and a new flat-screen monitor.

And if I get too lucky, I want one of these amazing computer chairs lol

computer chair

Do ya know where to buy this stuff? If yes, please buy me one. I'll provide the shipping information, just tell me when you need it. Ktnxbai! mrgreen

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iPhone 3G in The Philippines

Apple iPhone 3G

The news that Apple iPhone 3G will be available in more than 70 countries worldwide is indeed true. That's because Globe Telecom will bring the very much awaited iPhone 3G from Apple here in the Philippines.

According to Apple.com’s PR site, the 3G iPhone will be available for both postpaid and prepaid Globe subscribers.

The said Apple iPhone 3G will be sold from $199 (8GB) and $299 (16GB). That's around Php9,000 and Php13,000 respectively. Fair enough I think. Finally, after long months of waiting, drooling over information leakages and looking at its blurry images - the cool geeks can now grab their Apple iPhones 3G in the Philippines at a far better price.

Now I suggest before the stocks ran out, contact your friends working in Globe Telecoms Legazpi Center and ask them to reserve one for you. And you still have time to save,
because Apple iPhone 3g will be available in the Philippines next month – July 2008. Hmm, 2 more paydays to come, yeah!

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The Bamboo Laptop: Asus Ecobook

Remember my post about the million dollar laptop? Well here's a new addition to the collection of such weird laptops - a bamboo laptop. Well, that my sound a bit odd, but what I am saying is, this bamboo is paneled with bamboo material.

And it's called the Ecobook from Asus - Asus U6 Notebook that is. This lappy features a
1GB RAM with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo T7700 Processor which highlight bamboo as trimmings matched with a glossy finish creating a very natural look. Ahhh, looks nice in the eyes. No?

It is worth $2,000.00...oops, not nice on the pocket. How much does bamboo panels cost here in the Philippines nowadays? I bet it's cheaper here in this side of the planet. Hey Asus, where did you get your bamboo panels supply? I suggest you buy it here and that Asus U6 will be much cheaper.Lol.

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Look Of The Year

Do you have what it takes to be a model?

Here's good news to all young and beautiful people out there. Join the Look of the Year beauty contest and win $10,000.00!

This might be your chance to be part of the modeling world and rub elbows with world’s top models like Kate Moss or Miranda Kerr. Log on to this site: http://www.lookoftheyear.com and send your most gorgeous pictures now!

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Let's Do The Wave

The Bloggerwave!

I saw my friend yesterday boasting her new DSLR. I admired her for working hard and buying this expensive toy all by herself and her blog. Yeah you read it right, her blog. She's writing reviews and earning money from it. So yeah, I know it can be done. But as fast as 3 months she already have bought this lovely toy while I still can't. Ugh. So she shared her little secret on how she got her camera fast.

She said I should try Bloggerwave. Ahh yes!

So there, if you still don't know how to make money online with you blog, then go ahead and check out Bloggerwave. It is a fast-growing blog advertising media in the UK today. It's not a scam, and it's worth a try. Try it now, I just did.

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The Million Dollar Laptop

Do you remember my post about the effin $54 Million Laptop? Oh well, there's a bit of exaggeration in that post. Coz the millions is not the laptop's price, but the amount asked by Ms. Rachael Campbell for her lost lappy.

Now here's a real million dollar laptop - The Luvaglio. Last March, there was a rumor that Luvaglio will be released this year. Luvaglio btw, is a London based company owned by Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio, a young entrepreneur. Here's the official picture of the said million dollar laptop:

This Million Dollar Laptop are said to have stones like diamonds used as function keys. It is said to have a "solid-state storage, Blu-Ray, built in USB memory stick and MP3 player, integrated screen cleaning and functional jewellery." It is also said to be finished depending on the buyers' choice of precious metals, leathers and real woods.

Sadly though, the 'official image' does not offer complete view of the laptop. So I guess I have to speculate what's inside it. IMO, it's not so practical to combine diamonds with gadgets like laptops. It is just so prone to thieves and all evil forces. :D

Or maybe there are really uber-rich people whose gonna purchase this item. I dunno, Paris Hilton maybe? But I am sure, Jessica Simpson's not buying it, she loves her Macbook Air. :D

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In Search For a Blog Money Maker

In search for a ‘make money through your blog’ opportunity, I searched Google hoping that I can find trusted “get paid to blog” sites for this Geek Girl blog. I hate scams, you know. And I know I did a good step because first in the search engines’ results is a site called PayPerPost.

I browse through the site, read the blog ethics, guidelines, the terms and conditions and all. After a few minutes, I decided I should give it a try. And I know I was in a trusted get paid to blog site because I have just been paid a whooping…$20. Lol. Ok, I know it’s not big compared to other probloggers’ income, but I can say it’s not bad for starters and newbies like me.

If you haven’t heard about Payperpost dot com, aka PPP, then go to the site now. I know this blog does not have a high PR, and a not so high Alexa Rank. But still Payperpost approved my application as a blogger. And this made me proud of this blog again. This time, I am more inspired to ‘pimp my blog’ in search engines and begin checking on my site’s traffic and statistics. If I do that, I might as well earn big enough like the other probloggers out there. And then I can buy my Olympus E420 :)

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3 Things I Love in This Blog

All of us have several reasons why we love or hate? our blogs. Could be the search engine ranks, the templates, the traffic, the new online friends we just have, the popularity, and so on. Well as for me, I compiled the 3 things that I love in this blog.

One, it's the munnies that I've acquired through it. Common, a $5 added in your Paypal account once in a while isn't bad yes?

Two, it's the shortest posts that got linked in some awesome blogs like Macenstein or in forums like this for instance.

And three, it's these funny keywords being searched in search engines that brought some insane readers to my blog. Take a look:

funny keywordI got it from mybloglog's statistic report. I didn't include the number of searches because it's really darn silly I tell you. You may wonder how that search reach my blog? Well I seriously don't know. This Geek Girl's blog is not even ranking in Google for that 'special keyword'. Not even in the first 10 pages at that. But I have a clue that this certain post of mine - the very controversial post about Angelica Panganiban's 2006 calendar was the reason behind it. There's this comment who used that term. So maybe, just maybe..that's how this blog was found using the naughty keyword.

I am not proud about my third reason, just wanna share some silly thoughts. Lol.

So, how about you? What made you happy/proud/ about your blog?

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